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Penguin 2.1 Algorithm Update

Penguin 2.1 i.e Penguin 5 Spam Filtering Algorithm Unleashed Today

Google release Penguin 5 update i.e Penguin 2.1 spam filtering algorithm is live today.
The head of Google web spam team Matt cutts were officially shared the tweets on Twitter that this algorithm would impact 1 percent of search queries. I realise changes on today morning, my website keywords ranking get affected due to this algorithm.

Now I’m going to provide all the updates of penguine date wise:

  •   Penguin 1 update release on 24 April 2012, at that time 3.1 % search queries would get affected
  •  Penguin 2 update release on 26 May 2012, at that time 0.1 % search queries would get affected
  • Penguin 3 update release on 3 October  2012, at that time 0.3 % search queries would get affected
  • Penguin 4 update which also called AKA Penguin 2.0 release on 22 May 2013, at that time 2.3 % search queries would get affected
  • And this is last update  Penguin 5 (AKA Penguin 2.1) release on 4 Oct 2013, which impacts around 1% of search queries. 

 There is only one motive for launching such updates for improving the search results and avoids spam websites to get ranked on Google.  


Google Humming Bird

Latest Google Algorithm Launched : Google Hummingbird

On the occasion of 15 birthday of Google, Google had launched a new search algorithm after Google panda and penguin were named as “ Humming Bird 

This algorithm is designed to more precise and faster results of queries. Humming bird is giving more attention to the every word in query. The goal is that pages matching the meaning do better, rather than pages matching just a few words.

Humming Bird updates is not harmful for SEO. It’s only the additional step taken by Google for batter search results. According to humming bird updates your website must contain high quality and original content.


Hyperlinks In Press Release

Search Engines (Google) breaking on Hyperlinked key phrases within Press Announcements

the shiver experienced the actual advertising enterprise this last Friday right after content articles such as Shift Communication’s launching “Bad press announcements may damage your own search engine optimization ( SEO )".

search engines added in the exact term “optimized anchor text within PR” for their website link strategies record, which usually intended you are able to no more utilized hyper linked key phrases within press announcements, a minimum of all those press release submission websites which have turn out to be overloaded along with link-heavy pr releases.

quite simply, an individual weren't permitted to do that within article advertising, today you are prohibited to make it within pr campaigns both.

Exactly what will this particular indicate regarding search engine optimization?

 Ever since Google published the web link schemes policy, as well as included the actual suspend upon “Large-scale article advertising or even visitor publishing activities (guest posting) along with keyword-rich anchor text links, expert SEOs happen to be walking around eggshells.

however there are actually 4 methods for you to continue to utilize keywords  and obtain great search engine optimization position.

1- Make use of only one key word within the title along with a few times within the body content :

key words aren't useless; search engines(Google) continue to utilizes all of them
without having a key word, search engines has a difficult period finding out what their web sites tend to be.

2- Make use of synonyms : 

Google is becoming more intelligent. it all is aware of exactly what words and phrases signify. Google recognizes that “running” as well as “jogging” have a similar meaning.

3- Make use of co-occurrence :

  Co-occurrence is occurs only when two terms appear in close proximity to each other. Rather than using the phrase “rubber tyre,” I can use the phrase “tyre made from rubber” once in a while. Google will still going to identify the co-occurrence of the term, and treat it like to be a synonym.

 4 - Make use of Google’s Authorship :

Authorship, which usually utilizes the particular rel=”author” as well as rel=”publisher” tag words, informs search engines who else published a specific written content or even is accountable to a specific article or post. if you wish search engines to identify your own contributions, utilize Google+ along with the Authorship labels, as well as url name for your Google+ accounts. place in which within your biography including that within anything you publish.

      the actual press release entry continues to be close up, as well as Google is not executed however. Search for much more serious actions within the arriving several weeks.